Monday, January 11, 2010

Head First

So I'm just going to dive right in. This is a blog for and about member writers of The New York Society Library - but I sure hope it will appeal to anyone who has an interest in writers and writing.

But I need good stuff to post! Because just like The Writing Life daytime talk series* at the Library (browse through our Calendar of Events), I hope this will be a great collaborative effort between the Library and its fabulous member writers. So tell me what you're publishing, where you're reading, and what you're up to.

*the Writing Life series in 2010 is now generously underwritten by Jenny Lawrence. Thank you Jenny!


  1. Jenny, and Carolyn ... you da bomb! But enough of the Mutual Admiration Society.

    I am reading Norah Vincent's deft, hilarious, moving and enterprising "Self-Made Man", about her near-year-long adventure as a very out lesbian masquerading as a man. Went out on dates, picked up women at bars (!), joined a working class bowling league, worked for a bucket-shop type operation - and wound up saying some nice things about us guys.

    $1 on, plus $3 shipping.

    Christopher Gray

  2. Congratulations, Carolyn and Jenny. Glad that you dove right in!

    I am writing a book about the work of the pioneering physician-scientist Wilhelm Reich and doing final editing of my own novel, ERIN'S DAUGHTERS. Am also writing articles for The Mindshift Institute's ejournal at
    And I am re-reading 16th century Italian
    philosopher Giordano Bruno's ON THE INFINITE WORLDS AND UNIVERSE.

    Thanks for creating "The Writing Life"!!

    Michael Mannion

    Michael Mannion

  3. I don't have any specific writing news (rewriting nth draft of novel, etc., etc.), but I *am* planning on checking a book out the library this weekend. You read it here first.

    Seriously, welcome to the world of blogging, Carolyn!

  4. I welcome your endeavor. Only one book to my credit but it did stay in print for about 20 years. Feeling the itch to try again...perhaps your blog will provide the scratch. Good luck.
    Alan H. Siegel

  5. Kudos to you for launching into the blogosphere!

    I am working on two articles for foodie magazines-- one in VT and one in NH. And on the side I'm experimenting with historical fiction.


  6. Carolyn, you're just what we need. Thank you for connecting us. My news is that I've just publishing a piece for ForbesWoman called "Are You Looking At Me?" The piece got blogged about! A man who blogs read it and said things so I got to feel a bit viral. I've also posted another story on called "The Obscene Caller." This is my third story on that site. The other two are "The Drunkle" and "Settling Daddy in." I am working on my novel THE ELIZABETH HOME FOR DESTITUTE CHILDREN which I hope to pubish in 2010. I really look forward to connecting with other writers who use the library. Again, thank you. Diana Altman

  7. One of the literary things that I do is to co-moderate (with AnnaLee Wilson) the One Page Poetry Circle. Perhaps some members of the Society Library would be interested in attending. An invitation follows.
    Abigail Burnham Bloom
    The One Page Poetry Circle will meet on Tuesday, January 19 from 6.30 to 7.30 p.m. at the Bloomingdale Branch Library, 150 West 100th Street. This is the first meeting of 2010 – and we will be meeting on the third Tuesday of each month this spring. See below for dates and themes.
    Come and bring a single page of poetry by a known poet -- with copies for others, if you can. A flyer is attached.
    The theme for January 19 is Poetry and Home. We are thinking that everyone will just have had some experience of home over the holidays and will be considering what it all meant. I love Robert Frost’s two thoughts on home in his poem, “The Death of the Hired Hand”: “Home is the place where, when you have to go there,/They have to take you in” and “Something you somehow haven’t to deserve.” You can find poems on the subject of home online at or We are not strict about the poems read (you can just bring any poem you enjoy), but we love the process of discovering poems we have known and finding new ones while seeking a poem on a specific theme.
    You don’t have to know anything about poetry to enjoy the evening. We are all amateurs, but we have fun learning from each other.
    We would love for you to join us! Bring a friend – all are welcome!
    Upcoming Dates and Themes

    February 16 Poetry and Speed
    March 16 Poetry and Air
    April 20 Poetry and Money
    May 18 Poetry and Birth and Rebirth