Thursday, February 4, 2010

On football

I blog about writers, but I'm not a writer myself. But I am married to one - a sportswriter who covers football for the New York Post. As a result, I enthusiastically take advantage of the few perks of that job. Miami! Here I come. Bring on the parties, the hoopla, and the main event - Super Bowl XLIV.

And though the football season seems infinitely longer when you live your life with someone on the beat, I do love the game. I also love reading about it, though my favorite books are not about the pros. One of my all time favorites is Friday Night Lights, a true story of a small town with a huge high school football habit, which spawned a great movie and {in my humble estimation} an even greater tv show. Author Buzz Bissinger is arguably one of the best sportswriters around and he's coming to the Library in February to talk about the Changing World of Sports Journalism.

Library member (and New York Times sportswriter) Joe Drape has written one of my new favorites, Our Boys, an enormously enjoyable book about an un-beaten high school football team in Kansas. It's a story that restores your faith in sports and community to raise good kids. And though you know all along how the season will end, it doesn't dull your enjoyment of the heart-stopping action Joe reports from the field.

Enjoy the Super Bowl (go Saints!) I'll be back on Monday.

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