Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arthur Ainsberg's Breakthrough: The Story of Insulin

Member Arthur Ainsberg's book Breakthrough : Elizabeth Hughes, the discovery of insulin, and the making of a medical miracle has just been released. At the same time, a new exhibition at the New York Historical Society, Breakthrough, brings to life the dramatic story of Elizabeth Evans Hughes,daughter of the leading statesman and jurist Charles Evans Hughes—who was among the very first patients to be saved.

According to Jean Ashton, Executive Vice President of the Historical Society and Director of its Library, “The point of departure for organizing this exhibition was the new book by Thea Cooper and Arthur Ainsberg, Breakthrough, which casts light on events that took place almost a century ago.

Exhibition on view TODAY through January 31, 2011
The New York Historical Society
Two West 77th Street


  1. Not sure but shouldn't the title of this post include Ms. Cooper's name too? It seems like you'd want to credit both authors, no? Unless you are mainly concerned with members?

  2. I concur. Is not Ms Cooper the first and principal author? What happened to supporting actual writers?