Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New books for writers

We've purchased a few new books on or about the craft of writing. For those of you who need a little encouragement, a little instruction, or just some writerly camraderie...

According to Booklist, New York Times columnist Stanley Fish "communicates and instills in readers a deep appreciation for beautiful sentences that do things the language you use every day would not have seemed capable of doing" in How to Write a Sentence .

Stony Brook University professor Roger Rosenblatt takes you through the winter/spring 2008 semester of his class "Writing Everything" and tackles the questions that trouble his students in Unless it Moves the Human Heart: The Craft and Art of Writing.

Personally, I am eagerly awaiting Volume 2 of Gail Godwin's The Making of a Writer, covering her journal entries from 1963-1969 (yes, that's me with the first hold on it). I recently finished The Making of a Writer: Journals, 1961-1963, and was rapt. I'll write more about this in an upcoming post because I'm also working on booking a Writing Life Daytime Talk series program on journaling. More to come...

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