Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July weekend! As a reminder, the Library will be closed on Monday, July 4.

This weekend, I have an aggressive reading plan in place. The vision I have for my holiday weekend includes not much more than a lounge chair, a bunch of books (and technology) and some frosty beverages.

All of my holds come at the same time (sound familiar?) So, in making the excruciating decision about what stays and what goes, Kate Christensen's The Astral made the cut. I got hooked after reading her Pen/Faulkner award winning The Great Man, and then went on a Christensen reading spree.

And what better time than a holiday weekend to revisit David Foster Wallace's A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again? If the title essay is any indication (which I've previously read), I am really going to enjoy the rest of them.

On my Nook, I'm in the middle of NYSOCLIB member writer Katharine Davis's atmospheric Capturing Paris, which I started reading while on vacation in Tuscany. I like to think I'll be enjoying her forthcoming novel, which is set in Tuscany, on a visit to Paris.

I also have a few weeks worth of The New Yorker on my Nook to catch up on too. {I'm a relatively late bloomer to the whole smartphone scene, but I recently got an iPhone and downloaded the Nook app. Anyone know why I can see all my ebooks but not my beloved New Yorker on there?}

I suppose there will be a barbeque or two, and some naps. I shall report back on my progress...

What are YOUR plans this weekend?

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  1. Thank you Carolyn, for all you do for us. Have a lovely Fourth of July holiday.
    Barbara Ford