Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Notes coming soon!

Thanks to all the Library members who attended today's Writing Life talk on The A-B-C's of E-Book Publishing. I promised to post my notes on the blog and will do so just as soon as I can transcribe them. If you've got notes - I know you do! - I'd love to have them so I can fill in anything I might have missed while I was listening and furiously scribbling.

While you're waiting, please visit the websites of our fabulous speakers:
John Snyder, author of Hill of Beans.

Joshua Tallent, founder and CEO of eBook Architects

Parnell Hall, author of the Stanley Hastings and Puzzle Lady mysteries

...and don't forget to check out Parnell's videos on You Tube: King of Kindle, Signing in the Waldenbooks, and EBook v. Book

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