Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Perfect Writing Spot

I thought I would share this post I came across yesterday on The Millions, a terrific online magazine.

Many of you will relate to this piece, those of you who come here to write because your apartment is too small, too big, too cluttered, too pristine, too quiet, too loud or because you can only drink so much coffee at Starbucks. There's something about working in the Library, though. It's certainly quiet (those of you who work here make sure that's so), and it's reasonably inexpensive, but I don't think that's really it.

I suspect that it's the community of writers here that makes the place so conducive to work. You're all in this together, even if you don't know what your fellow tablemate is so earnestly working on. How could you not be productive when everyone around you seems to be?

Tell me, what is it about The New York Society Library that inspires you to write here?

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